Garden Centre List

We have been discussing our Garden Centre and things we might need this is what we have come up with

Big bird house – Thomas
Water fountain (big)- Nathan
Roses- Rosie
Bird feeders- Ed
Dove house- Charlotte
Animal statues- Isaac
Sale banner- Evie
Labels- prices – Georgette
Hanging baskets- Harry W
More seed packets- Maddie
Waterfall- Ellie
Sunflowers- Annabelle
Cat made out of logs- Alfie
Merekat garden ornament- Finn
Opening times- Bethany
Lavender + Apple tree – Eva Rose
Pansies- Harry AW
Hollyhocks – Harry AW

Miss Irwin thinks things like fake flowers, old wellies, hanging baskets and possibly garden chairs might be a good addition as some of us would quite like to do some more planting which we can do in the wellies and baskets. Some people would also like to have a café in the garden centre too, which a few garden chairs might come in handy.

If we do have things we can bring from home we promise to try our best to keep them in good condition and return them to their owners at the end of our topic. Please remember to put your names on your name on anything you bring in.

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