May Day babies! 



Today we checked the duck eggs to see if there were any ducklings growing inside. We could see tiny little peanut shapes inside some, with burns going to it. We checked our calendar and we think they are due to hatch on or around May Day! 

We have to keep our fingers crossed though and remember to pray for them. 

This afternoon we also looked at our beans to see how they were growing. They have started to sprout roots! 

So as scientists we investigated them with our magnifying glasses and started to record their growth in our Bean Diaries.  Today we drew what our bean looked like and labelled its root. 

Miss Irwin says we need to plant them in soil now to give the bean food to grow bigger. We will be doing this tomorrow. 

We learnt our new sound ‘air’ today. It’s very tricky to remember these big sounds so please can you practise writing it with us at home and putting it into words and sentences. 

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