Head Teacher’s Award

You may have noticed we came home today with a head teacher’s award. The surprise is that all the children in class Jonah got a certificate today for their amazing Kenya questions they wrote yesterday. Miss Irwin was so impressed with us all she broke the rules and asked Mr O’Leary if we could all get an award. 

When we work so hard it’s great to get praise. If we do any writing at home please tell us how wonderful we are because we are all trying really hard. 


One response to “Head Teacher’s Award

  1. These blogs are starting to become bittersweet as this school year starts to wind down. I only wish Judah could have another year in your magical class. I can’t help but worry that he’ll soon be swept away by the force of educational targets and pressures and begin a life long battle with learning, instead of being given the extra time to develop a life long love of it. It’s been amazing year….but it’s gone too quickly……
    I wish year one and reception could be a combined class. I’m sure most of my parent peers would be horrified at the thought of their bright children being “help back” but I would see it as extra time to put roots down in the world of learning before the forceful winds of the educational system hit them.
    Miss Irwin I think you’re amazing, I just wish he had longer with you!!! 🙂


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