Newsletter 19.9.14

Dear Parents,

This week has been a Gruffalo bonanza. We have had a Gruffalo hunt, made Gruffalo food and had a Gruffalo picnic! Are we Gruffalo’d out! Probably not!

We have had so much fun making our Gruffalo food and playing in the small world with our new puppet from Percy its been magical. As well as reinacting the story we have also been learning our letter sounds. We have all got our sound cards that we made on parents morning and have started to practice them with Miss Irwin. We are using them to make words.

We have also been practicing writing and started to count amounts with our adults. We are getting really good at counting and will continue this next week. But remember the extra help at home will make our brains even bigger! You might have to widen the doors at home!

Next week we will be starting our new book written by Julia Donaldson ‘Superworm’, this is one of Miss Irwin’s favourites. Over the next week we will be doing a worm dance, counting and measuring worms and learning to label worms.

How you can help at home

  • Use our sound cards and cut them up so we can practice them. Get us to tell you the sounds and then see if we can segment and blend 3 letters to put them together to make words like-pat, sat, sit, pin, tin.
  • Read with us and write in our diaries how well we have done.
  • Practise our number rhymes with you so we can form our numbers correctly.



Homework sheets will be now be put in bags on Monday for you to complete by the following Monday. When homework has been checked it will get a sticker put on it, you can then keep it at home.

It’s parents morning on Friday 27th September. However, Miss Irwin will not be in class as she is on an early years course about the new Ofsted changes. So supply will be from Miss Moores. She is a P.E specialist from the high school. So I you do wish to come in on the morning you will be doing P.E! 😉 SO come in your kit.

All notes from the meet and greet will be on the blog for all to see. Any questions please come and see Miss Irwin.


Have a lovely weekend,

The Reception team  🙂



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