Blue planet trip

Our trip started with a fresh smell of the countryside! 

Lydia gave us a lesson. First she tested us on our sea animal knowledge. We got them all correct.👍🏻 Then we categorised them into swimming animals, walking animals or both.

We learnt sharks don’t like the taste of humans because humans have iron in their blood and they taste like metal. 

We also learnt some small fish live inside the bell of jellyfish. This is to protect them from larger fish because the bell has no sting . 

Did you know Dolphins hold their breath under water because they have lungs like we do.

We learnt that lobsters can swim and walk and they live in a burrow. Lobsters can only swim backwards.

Did you know Starfish have 250 legs under each arm. We got to touch a starfish.

After our lesson we had lunch in the cafe watching the fish. 

We have seen some awesome fish and reptiles today.

We loved the aquatheatre talk and watching the divers feed the stingrays.

It has been a brilliant trip. We haven’t stopped all day! 

Thank you to all the adults who helped today. 👍🏻🐠🐟🐡🦀🐬🐳🐢🐋🐊🕷🦂