Making a pond – the planning stage


With is being such a hot day we decided to check the weather on the BBC website. It said it was going to go up to 19 degrees. As it was going to be nice we thought it might be a good idea to make the ducklings a pond outside.

Then we watched this video.

We have been planning our pond designs. What do you think?


We had a great trip to Tesco this morning. Tracey and Wendy looked after us very well.

We got clipboards and had to go on fruit and vegetable hunts. Then we had to decided how these fruit and vegetables were grown.

Then came the really good but- food tasting. 

Did you know

  • Watermelon seed were found in the tombs in the pyramids!
  • Pineapples grow from the ground like a cabbage!
  • Kiwis come from China- they are named after the bird on the national flag of New Zealand.
  • Sharon fruit- tastes like sweet apples!
  • Avocado it’s called the alligator fruit because of its skin! 

We were all give. A Tesco bag of goodies and a piece of free fruit. Then we went off to spend our money.

Reminder: trip tomorrow

Tomorrow morning we go on our trip to Tesco.

We will be looking around the store and learning about where food comes from. After we will be spending our money in the shop. 

If you didn’t return your child’s slip last week please make sure you bring it tomorrow morning.

Money left in school from Stockley Farm will be used to buy something tomorrow. If your child’s money was not left in school and you want them to buy something, please send them in with money tomorrow. 

Many thanks,

Miss Irwin

May Day info from the Newsletter.

May Day – this Saturday


Please make sure your child has tried their costume on before Saturday, any problems then please come in tomorrow and we can try to sort it. 

Please help the day to run smoothly by making sure that you have the necessary plain items to accompany the costumes:

Reception and Y1 girls: white pumps and white knee high socks.

Y2 – Y6 girls, not in the retinue: Black pumps, white shirt and white knee high socks.

All boys: Black pumps, white shirt and white knee high socks. (Y6 boys in the retinue already have a white shirt in their costume bag)

Help will be required on the Friday night prior to Mayday, help on the day either in the morning in the marquee, serving or clearing tables in the afternoon, manning the raffle and tidying things away at the end of the day.

Arrival and care of your child

Children arrive at 12.45pm and come into school down the rectory path as usual and into Miss Irwin’s classroom, through the green wooden gate, to be registered. 

Please take your child’s coat with you unless you particularly want them to wear it. Your child will be issued with a rain poncho to keep them dry. 

Once registered by Miss Irwin, your child will be in our care and will come into the school hall to watch a film until the procession leaves. 

Please go and find a good viewing spot to watch the procession, join us in church or visit the attractions on the May Day site at Glebe Farm!

Your child remains in our care until after the dancing when there will be an announcement for you to come and collect them from us.


Parking will be available at Glebe Farm and there will be a small charge to park.