Happy Easter! Welcome back to the new term.



Hello everybody,

Happy Easter! I know many of you will be celebrating Easter today with your families and friends by maybe going to church or enjoying Easter Egg hunts. I hope you all have a lovely day and manage to find the eggs before it rains!

As half term is almost over it’s time to think about going back to school. There’s lots of information below so please take note of all the important dates.

We will be back in school on Tuesday. As some of you already know this day is also my birthday (21 this year 😉 ), so we shall be celebrating by making me a giant birthday badge and banner, then in the afternoon we will be partaking in team party games and might even have a little bit of cake! If children wish to make my birthday extra special, handwritten birthday cards using correct spelling, punctuation and finger spaces would be most welcome! 😉

Purpose for writing

P.s- this is called a ‘purpose for writing’.


Our new topic this term will be about ‘Land Animals’. Before every half term we have a general vote with ideas for new topics or things we want to learn more about, I made an executive decision this time that Power Rangers, Transformers and Princess’s would have to wait until the end of the summer. The reason being this term we are going to be hatching out ducklings and learning about life cycles.

Before half term, we started to think about what we wanted to learn about animals and wrote a list of the ones we wanted to know more about. We will continue to develop our plan on our return to school this week. If you have any animal information books that could be brought in for use in our reading corner please bring them in, but make sure your child’s name is written inside them.

A week on Monday 24TH APRIL we will be going to Stockley Farm for trip. We will spend the whole day there learning about land animals. A letter will be sent out on our return to school with more details and price.

This half term we will also be preparing for May Day. May Day this year is on the Saturday 20th of May.  May Day is one of the biggest days of the Village’s calendar. This event has been happening for more than 100 years and we ask that all families take part and support the school on this day. In school we will be learning our dance that we perform with Year 1’s and 2’s. We will also be preparing our stall. All classes have a stall to help raise money, we ask that families sign up to help on the stall at some point throughout the day. I will have a time sheet prepared nearer the time for this. Every year the school if gifted a donation from the May Day committee. The last few years that money has been used to help buy new laptops and IPads, so it’s vitally important we all pledge our support for May Day. Also Class Jonah have won the trophy for the best stall the last 2 years running and I really want us to win again!  If for any reason you child will not be able to attend May Day school must be informed.

As part of our preparation for May Day all the girls in Reception become little maids to the May Queen. The girls will take part in a photo shoot on Thursday 27th of April. The little dresses will be given to the girls before the day. To accompany their dress they will need white pump and white socks which parents must provide.

Little boys in Reception will not need their costumes until May Day. They will wear navy shorts and a yellow waistcoat. To go under their waistcoat parents  will need to provide them with a white shirt. They to will need white socks and black pumps (we usually use P.E pumps).

More details of May Day and costumes will be updated on forthcoming school newsletters, please make sure you read them. Newsletter 30th March 2017

P.E days this term will be on Wednesday and Friday.

Please make sure all reading diaries and reading books are in bags on Tuesday ready to be changed.

As you are aware all the children have targets which you received at your parents evening meeting, these targets have been given to you to help you to improve their learning at home. Their assessment data will be submitted on June 23rd, this is only 10 weeks away!  The more support you can give them at home will only help enhance their progression. National expectation is that all children are expected to reach all their Early Learning goals by the Summer. If you have any concerns about this or would like extra guidance on how to support them at home please make an appointment to see me.

I hope you enjoy the last few days of the half term. I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.

Happy Easter,

Miss Irwin



Dates to remember:

  • Stockley Farm trip- Monday 24th April
  • Girls photo for May Day- Thursday 27th April
  • No school (Bank Holiday)-Monday 1st May
  • SATS week- WB Monday 8th May – changes to timetable likely
  • May Day- Saturday 20th May
  • Class Photos- Wednesday 24th May



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