That’s right this half term we are planning 5 weeks of superhero learning.

So far we’ve planned some character ideas, costumes and role plays. We want to make a jail to lock up the villains and an obstacle course to challenge our superpowers.

During the next 5 weeks we will be learning about counting in 2’s and 10’s. We will be continuing to practise out addition to 20 and subtraction to 20.

In our writing we will be thinking about how to write speech and stories using sentence starters – first, then, next, second, finally.

In phonics we are finishing our phase 3 sounds. So far we have learnt all of these …

except ear, air, er and ure.
We would like a superhero day too, so Miss Irwin will plan a date and put it on the blog very soon.

Parents’ evening is coming soon so we are going to work really hard to show you how much we’ve learnt over the last term. 

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