SPACE DAY- 16TH Feb. Are the astronauts ready?


At the beginning of our topic ‘Space’ we planned an end to our topic by having a space day. We blogged about this at the beginning of the term. That day is fast approaching, it is this Thursday 16th February. As part of our topic and costume plans we decided we wanted to make our own jet packs. We will be doing this in school as part of a design and model making task this week. They will be completed by Wednesday afternoon to be ready for our space day.

So far we have had a few plastic bottles and boxes donated from some of our families recycling but we still need more things! We need more plastic bottles and boxes. PLEASE IF YOU HAVE ANY BOXES OR PLASTIC BOTTLES IN YOUR RECYCLING CAN YOU BRING THEM IN SO WE CAN USE THEM. WE NEED THEM FOR TUESDAY.

Also as part of the space day children wanted to come dressed as astronauts. This is completely up to families to decide how we can be dressed-whether it be normal clothes with their space cadet badges or to come in a dressing up astronaut costume. They could come as a scientist that works for NASA, or as a mechanic that works on the shuttles.

PLEASE help us to make the most of our learning opportunities by reading these blogs and develop our plans with us.

Many thanks,

Miss Irwin 🙂


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