Phonics sounds

Since we have been back to school we have been practising our new phonic sounds. We are now learning phase 3 sounds in phonics. This means we are learning graphemes (letters that makes sounds) that are now stuck together to make a new sound, sometimes this can confuse us. So we will be needing extra help to remember them.

So far we have learnt;

qu for queen

ch for church

sh for shop

th for thing

ng for strong

ai for rain

ee for sheep

Please help us at home by practising finding these around the house, in books, on signs or posters when we go out and about. Please practise writing them with us in words. A great game to play is to write them on post-its then get us to find them around the house and read them.

Below is a chart of all the graphemes we will be learning in phase 3.

If you want any games to play has lots of phonics games (which we play in school) or apps such as Hairy letters and Hairy Phonics 1, 2 and 3 would be good to get for Android and Apple tablets, they are not free but are good quality. If you want to see them in action we use them during our guided reading sessions in the morning so we could show you how they work!

Image result for hairy letters a     Review of Hairy Phonics

‘Teach your monster to read’ is also a very good reading and phonics resource as it helps children to read in the order they learn their sounds.

 Teach your monster to read. You can also access the games on computers by signing on to the site and that version is FREE!

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