REMINDER: Dress rehearsal tomorrow

All children were given a letter last week to advise you that children should have clothes to wear underneath their costumes as the church is quite cold. Suggested items to keep them warm were vests and leggings/tights. If you have boys and would prefer them to wear jogging bottoms instead of their school trousers they can wear their PE joggers or you can send some in from home. Please make sure if you do send extra clothes from home that they are labelled with their name.

They will all be wearing their school pumps/black trainers from their P.E bags.

There is no charge to watch the Nativity and as many adults/family members are allowed to watch as the church can hold a lot of people.

Nativity show times are WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON at 2PM and THURSDAY EVENING at 5.30pm.

All the children will be on the stage several times during the nativity. The best places to sit in church will be anywhere where you can see the stage. The school children not in year 6 or Class Jonah will be sitting together with staff in the first row of pews off the aisle, the rest of the school are the nativity choir. Any pews not reserved will be free for families to sit in.

Any questions please ask.

Wish us luck!

Miss Irwin

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