Dinosaur Mike 

Millions of years ago, long before there were any people, there were dinosaurs.

Today we had the chance to meet a real dinosaur specialist his name was Dinosaur Mike. He taught us all sorts of wonderful facts. We even played games.  

 Did you know this Dinosaur’s tongue was bigger than our arm? 

Did you know some dinosaurs ate Branches as thick as our arms? If we lived wih dinosaurs we’d have to be careful they didn’t eat our arms by mistake! 😮
This Ankylosaurus’ brain was no bigger than our fist. We put our fists inside its skull bone to see how big it was. 

5 children could stand in his tummy!

If a bullet hit it it would bounce off!
If the dinosaur froze T. Rex wouldn’t see him. We played a game to see who was the best at not being spotted by the T-Rex.   
However T-Rex  could hear the sound of a mouse on the ground. So we had to practise being extremely quiet. It was as heavy as two elephants.

We learnt about soft and hard and cold and hot. Fossils feel hard, cold and light. We got to hold and look at different size fossils. 






  Dinosaur Mike showed us an ammonite. Ammonites have 10 tentacles. 

Dinosaur Mike taught us a game- the amonites fish catching game. If we caught the fish before him we got to win some dinosaur stickers.
We were very good, we won dinosaur stickers. Ask us to show you at home how to play catch a fish. 

Mike asked us to do some work for him when we went back to class. He asked if we could draw him a dinosaur each. But not just any dinosaur a made up dinosaur of our own. We thought of different dinosaurs and what our dinosaur would be called like a missirwinosaurus or a Freya Rex.

We also learnt about herbivores and carnivores. We got to see the kinds of plants herbivore dinosaurs would eat. We saw Ferns like we might find in the woods or in our garden they were light and soft and green.  

 Then we got to see a real T-Rex tooth. 

 To finishing our learning with Mike we got to see a real T-Rex Jaw bone with teeth. We couldn’t touch it because it was so old but we could look at it. When Mike lifted up to show us we all said “WOW,” 😃. 

We loved Mike that much we even waved him off and looked at his cool van. It looked like it had been attacked by a dinosaur.   

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