Messy Monday and tremendous Tuesday 

On Monday it was our first day at school. It was a very busy day because we had new learning experiences. We started phonics. Phonics is when we learn how different letters make sounds. We learn to say them and write them . We also learn the sound the letter makes and its capital name. We learnt the letter S its sound is s, like a snake makes. Yesterday we watched the song for ‘s’ on this video from you tube. 

Jolly phonics songs 

Today we had a hunt for the letter s and then we went outside and practised writing it. 

Messy Monday was good because we got to make our own playdoh with Mrs Ainscough. Today we’ve been making cakes out of them. 

We also got messy outside in the shaving foam! 

We had P.E with Mrs Armitt on  Monday afternoon and started to learn some parachute games. We have P.E on a Monday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon. 

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