Welcome to Astbury

Welcome Class Jonah parents of 2016. This blog will tell you what we have been learning in school as sometimes we can forget all the things we do.

It will have photos of us on the blog soon but we need your permission first. There will be a letter coming home in our bags this week.

Today was our first morning at school. It flew by so quick. We had a search round school to find the different places we will be doing some of our learning such as the hall, office, Mrs Worswick’s office and all the other classrooms.

We got to explore our new outside area and play with our new toys.

We enjoyed having snack time together with our new friends. 

Before we went home we had a story with Miss Irwin.

We really enjoyed it. Why don’t you ask is what the story was about? 

Tomorrow when we come to school we will have two jobs to do. We will have to practise writing our names on our new name cards and we will have to put our feelings peg one of the Mr Men to show how we are feeling. 

Miss Irwin said she was really impressed with how clever we all were. We all had lovely manners and tried to listen really hard. You would have been very proud of us.

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