When creativity takes over…

Walking around the outside area this morning and all you could see was imagination taking over. 

In one area some of the children bought most of the things in the pet shop. Then created their own moveable dog house. Complete with water bowl and padding made from den making material! 

By the water tray Miss Irwin suggested squirting the water in a different direction rather than on the shrubs…

so the boys used the syringes to squirt water on the number helmets. Shouting out different numbers for their friends to squirt! A great way to practise their numbers to 20. 😀

We have also been able to feed the birds with some bird seed from our shop. We found a broken packet and decided to give it back to the birds, at first it was going into a dog bowl but then we thought about the bird feeder on the tree. Great team work. 👏🏻

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