Number practise, Super powered Chameleons and a Mystery Reader!ย 

As part of our morning challenge we have been writing numbers as high as we can go!  Look what some of us can do all on our own! 
This week in our topic we have been learning about Reptiles. We have learnt they

  • Lay eggs
  • Have scales
  • Are cold blooded
  • Live in hot places
  • Have 4 legs or no legs
  • Have a back bone

 Today we focussed on Chameleons. We watched a reptile video then a Chameleon video and recorded key information about the reptile. We learnt a Chameleon has 3 super powers

  1. It can look two different ways with its eyes.
  2. It’s tongue is 1 1/2 times bigger than its body.
  3. Some of them can make themselves invisible by changing colour.

For our arts and craft activity this week we are making chameleons.

After playtime Miss Irwin heard some magical bells. She could hear a Mystery reader coming. It was HAW! 

He brought ‘The smartest giant in town’ written by Julia Donaldson. He read it very well and we loved the story especially when his trousers fell down! 

Thanks H for being our Mystery reader. 

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