Sunny days makes learning so much fun😀☀️

Today we’ve been inside and outside a lot. It’s hot outside and cool inside, its great fun. Look what we’ve been doing during our exploring time…Making a Lego city …

 Camping out!

Mixing up some yummy porridge cakes!   
Practising our balancing and fine motor skills.

Also we have been checking on our duck eggs.
Yes that’s right we have an incubator in the classroom with 8 green call duck eggs inside.

On Monday we put eggs in the incubator and learnt about how the incubator keeps them warm to hatch out. We don’t know if there is any ducklings inside yet, we’ve gotta wait til next week to see.

We turn the eggs three times a day. Miss Irwin turns them in the morning and at night. We have to remember to turn them after lunch. Today we started to write things that we wanted to learn about the eggs when they (hopefully) hatch.🐣 

We’ve also been practising our new sound ‘ear’ for fear, tear, near and we have been practising our May Day dancing. 

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