So we came back to school today amd our brains have definitely grown. Miss Irwin said she could tell because we were so good at listening and getting on with our work.

Our new topic is Animals. We have loads of ideas for our new topic. This week we are using our information books to research about different animals and plan what we want to learn about them. 

 We have also started to make our new role play ‘Astbury Vets’. This morning we have been making some cages and seeing what equipment a vet needs.

  We have also been playing with our new farm set which was donated by Mrs Ashun last term.

 Some of us have said we have pets that we would like to bring in. This might be possible depending on the pet. If we have a pet at home and want to bring it in parents need to speak to Miss Irwin. 

This afternoon we started our P.E for this term which is dance. We are starting to learn our routine for May Day. We practised skipping and counting to 8. We then practised a few moves in our sets. We were very good.


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