Tricky words

This week in phonics we have been trying to show Miss Irwin how well we remember our phonic sounds that we have learnt so far since being in Class Jonah. We all still need a little help remembering the sounds- ai, oa, igh and the recently learnt sound ar. We can easily get these confused with each other. So extra help writing these in words at home world really help. 😀

As part of our phonics lessons we have also been reviewing our tricky words. We are very good at remembering and reading  our first set of tricky words (the red group). 

 Our confidence in our second set of tricky words is growing especially because this week we had time to enjoy Geraldine the Giraffe. She is hilarious and also a very good reader. Miss Irwin bought the app on the school iPads and we used them in our iPad time on Thursday.

  You can pick from lots of different videos and watch Geraldine learning with Mr Thorne. Miss Irwin is a big fan of Mr Thorne and thinks this app is definitely worth a look if you have any apple devices.

 This morning was parents morning. We were lucky enough to have some parents stay to help us with our activity. We practised our tricky words then made tricky words watches and necklaces.       

All day we have been checking our watches for the time and reading our tricky words.

In our diaries Miss Irwin often writes tricky words we need help with. Please look at the words and help us at home with them. There are also a list of words at the beginning of our diaries which you can practise reading with us.


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