Dinosaur Roar

Half term is over and we are well and truly back in the swing of school life.

We have been planning the next step of our learning journey into Dinosaurs and have decided to turn our outside area into a Jurassic park world.

We planned that we wanted different areas for dinosaurs to be kept and looked after by Dinosaur keepers. We are going to turn our jeeps into Jurassic jeeps to drive around in and view the dinosaurs. We have started to make the signs and have put some of them outside. We also want to make some realistic dinosaurs to add to our world.

 We’ve been using the dinosaur masks outside pretending  to talk to each other. We have really put a lot of thought into how we would talk to each other.

Freddie took a trip outside this afternoon and had to be tied up to make sure he didn’t’ escape and eat people. We made him a T-Rex jail. We also put Miss Sherliker in their for a while as we thought she needed locking up!

As part of our outside dinosaur Jurassic world we want to use binoculars and rucksacks to record dinosaur information like
scientists would do. If you have any old rucksacks please could we borrow them for our topic. We would like to make binoculars so could you please also save us some toilet rolls and bring them into school for us to use.
As part of our topic we have been developing our vocabulary with the book ‘Dinosaur Roar’. We have created a class story map and started to record our versions of the story.

There’s plenty more videos to come so keep checking the blog.


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