Shrove Tuesday

Today’s learning was all about pancakes and how to make them. We learnt about how to think about writing instructions and how if we don’t give instructions properly things might not turn out how we expect! 

Miss Sherliker was our pancake chef this morning but she had switched her brain off. This meant she could only do things if we told her how to do them. We gave her instructions by writing them down with Miss Irwin’s help.

Our first instruction didn’t go quite as we expected and made us laugh out loud! We wrote ‘put the flour in the bowl’ and that’s exactly what Miss Sherliker did.  
After that we started to really think about what words we needed to use for the instructions.  
    After making the pancake mix we went to make the pancakes with Miss Sherliker in the kitchen.    

 Every morning we practise saying the timetable using words such as first, next, then , after and last. Our language skills have really helped us to write our instructions. 


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