This week we have been learning about different groups of dinosaurs. We started the week researching Sauropods. We learnt that Sauropods were large herbivore dinosaurs. They had long legs and tails and some were as big as a double decker bus and as long as  a tennis court!

We watched a video about how big these dinosaurs were, so big in fact that there feet (which were as large as our classroom carpet) would sometimes stand on other smaller dinosaurs and not even know! Watch it here. Sauropods

We all looked at the different types of Sauropods and categorized them based on what they looked like.


Some of us have also been making dinosaur nests and others have made dinosaur bones with Ruby’s mum and Miss Sherliker.

We also watched this video about dinosaur bones. We thought it was really funny.

I dig dem dinosaur bones



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