Mystery Reader

What is a Mystery Reader?

A Mystery reader is somebody from our families; mummy, daddy, a grandparent, auntie, uncle, big sister or brother, or even the next door neighbour, who signs up to come and read one afternoon at story time. But only Miss Irwin knows who it is!

They bring a story book of their choice and they read it to the class.

The children love finding out who the mystery reader is and can not wait to hear the story. So if you or someone you know would like to b a mystery reader please sign up.

How do our adults sign up to be a mystery reader?

Miss Irwin has put a sign up sheet on the parents notice board. All you need to do is sign your initials on the date you can do.

Mystery Reader can be any afternoon at 2.50m. Please arrange what date with Miss Irwin. If you do want to do it but that time will not suit ask Miss Irwin and she will see what she can do to accommodate you. To see past Mystery Reader look at our Mystery Reader blog posts.

Remember its a SECRET!

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