How we make reading fun! 

This week we had a change to our guided reading time. We mixed up our groups and spent time with an adult playing games, using the IPads and creating imaginative stories.

With Miss Brindley we used our story building jigsaws to create our own story. Our target was to use different story starter words and phrases such as first and ‘Once upon a time’. We also practised using time connectives such as next, then, suddenly, finally and ‘the end’.The adults have been videoing our stories as we’ve told them and Miss Irwin is planning on having a cinema session at the end of term where we can watch them back to see how well we’ve progressed.    With Miss Sherliker we used the IPads to read ‘Dinosaurs love Underpants’ written by Clare Freedman and Ben Cort.  We practised the skill of reading a book on an IPad and looking at the larger words in the story. We ❤️ this story.

  With Miss Irwin we practised recognising alphabet letters by playing sound snap. Our target was to remember letters in their lowercase and capital letter form and which letters make initial sounds of words. As part of playing snap we learnt to take take turns and that even if we don’t win it’s ok because we can always play again. 

  By learning that reading links into everything we do it has made us more aware of how to use our language and phonic skills. We like guided reading time and we have great fun doing it! 😀 

To continue to help us with our targets please help us make up our own stories at home and by reading every day.

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