Hello 2016 and Dinosaurs 

Well lets just say it felt like a shock to the system getting up this morning. When we arrived at school this morning we all looked a bit tired. Soon though the cobwebs were blown away and we were back into the swing of things.

Today was the first day for our new Teaching Assistant Miss Sherliker. We showed her round and some of us got to work with her and show her how big our brains are. She’s really nice. 😀

Some of us ventured into the new role-play ‘The Dinosaur information  Library’.It had all sorts of things to look at that will help us to start our topic on dinosaurs. 

After playtime we showed Miss Irwin how much we remembered about our 2D shapes. We remembered they were flat shapes with sides and corners. Some of us could remember all the shapes we’d learnt so far.

To show how good our memories were we played 2D shape bingo.   

 Some of us won prizes. ⭐️👍
This afternoon was P.E. We played a game called ‘Dinosaur eggs’. We learnt that Dinosaurs layed eggs then they had to protect them from carnivore Dinosaurs. 

In our game some of us were protecting eggs while others tried to steal them. We had to use lots of different skills such as stealth, quickness and deception. We also had to learn that sometimes we don’t always win and that its ok to loose. As loosing makes you try harder next time. Some of the sneakiest Dinosaurs were the boys but Miss Irwin was pretty good too.    

We could play this game at home if you will let us, we know all the rules and you don’t even need real eggs! It’s very easy and definitely great fun. 

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