Nativity Dress rehearsal on Monday- costume notice

  Dear Parents,

Firstly thank you for practising lines with your child at home. Please keep practising over the weekend and try to encourage your child to be extra loud when saying their lines. 

Thank you to those parents who have brought in the extra clothing needed for their children’s costumes. For those children who have not brought them in yet please make sure you bring the extra items of clothing needed for costumes on Monday

All children need to wear extra clothes under their costumes to keep them warm in church. 

Clothing needed:

Boys– trousers these can be school trousers or black trousers.  A dark t- shirt or vest.

Girls-dark leggings. A dark t- shirt or vest.

Angels -their clothes for underneath need to be a white or cream colour.

Kings– Also need a pair of sunglasses.

Clothes need to come in bags with child’s name on.

Performances are in church on

-Tuesday at 2pm. Audience to be in church by 1.50pm.

-Wednesday at 5.30pm. Children and family members to be in church by 5.15pm.

Any questions please email me.

Many thanks,

Miss Irwin

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