Pirate words, messy spaghetti and the Nativity Story.

How much can our brains grow in a week? Very big is the answer. Just look at what we’ve been learning. 

It started in the mornings with some Pirate treasure words. But were they real treasure words or trash words?    

In the afternoons we’ve been working on our gymnastic routines especially our pencil rolls.  Mrs Armitt is going to be amazed when we show her our routines next week.

 As part of our topic this week we’ve been putting our finishing touches on our treasure chests.  
But our learning doesn’t stop there…

  We’ve all been practising our tall towers, but who’s is going to be the tallest?  


Can we count how tall they are now we’ve practised learning all our numbers to 20? Oh yes we can. πŸ‘πŸ˜€

As part of our messy and creative play this week we explored what exciting things we could do with spaghetti. 


To make sure the spaghetti didn’t get too messy we had a stand in Pete to clean up after us! Watch out Pete, she did a very good job.

During our R.E sessions we retold the story of the Nativity. Then thought about our favourite parts in the story and how the people would have been feeling. Look at our drawings and understanding of people’s emotions.  
  What will next week bring. Watch this space!

Remember our blog is a great way of sharing our learning with other family members, why not let Grandparents and Aunty and Uncles see our learning too. Tell them about the blog and get them signed up.

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