Fires, food and French!

On Thursday it was the 5th of November and we learnt about fire safety. We watched Fireman Sam’s tips for how to be safe around a bonfire.

We learnt the history behind bonfire night and a man called Guy Fawkes and that because of him people found out how to make fireworks. We know that fireworks are made from gunpowder.

To learn more about fires we had our own fire!

We sat round the fire and with our friends we used our senses to think of some describing words for the fire. We had some great words like crackling, flickering, smokey, flames, red and hot.

Then we all had a chance to cook things on the fire- we had a choice of marshmallows, strawberries, chicken and peppers.mobviuosky some options were more appealing than others.

 We were all very safe around the fire and remembered the fireman Sam safety rules. As we know whenever we doing anything being safe is our number 1 rule.


After wards we got to write our describing words, make firework pictures and cook more food. We loved it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Before we went for lunch we had our very own Firemen carefully put out the fire.

After lunch we had French with Mrs Oakes. During our afternoon we learnt how to say ‘my name is’ in French which is “je m’appelle…”. She taught us how to do it with cartoon characters. Then we got to dress up and pretend to be characters.

Watch our videos and see how good we are.
The French Gruffalo

The French Rapunzel
A French Turtle

A French Power Ranger
The French Princess Fiona


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