Number 11 and carrot soup! 

This morning we worked very hard. Our concentration was brilliant. So much so we had less choosing as we were so focussed on our adult activities. We have been practisingletter formation, segmenting and blending words, reading sentences and writing the letter b.Hopefully you will see how great we are at our reading and writing when we do some at home with you.    

After playtime some of us were given the opportunity to use the story map of shark in the dark and they became the teacher by reading the story to us. 

During maths today we learnt number 11 and how to make it using multi link cubes. We learnt that 11 is made of 10 and 1. We all practised making 11 with our shoulder buddies. We were very good at counting and recognising what ten looks like. Tomorrow we are learning about number 12.

In the afternoon we spent some much needed time exploring and choosing. Some of us found some coloured and scented rice. We decided to find some bowls and spoons and mix them up.

  Miss Irwin explained about the herbs in our little sensory garden. We smelt the herbs which were mint and thyme. We used them with our cooking and mixing play.  Some of us even made carrot soup! Miss Irwin’s favourite mm mm ☺️.

    Some of us enjoyed using the iPad to practise singing jolly phonics songs. Then found some new apps.

Others tried to make words with the magnets.    One of us was even caught sitting in Miss Irwin’s chair and pretending to be her.
Needless to say we’ve had a busy but fun day. Another happy day at school.

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