Online reading

Today the login and password for online reading was stuck at the front of the reading diaries. 

To login go to active learn primary here via this link. Active learn login. Put in your child’s login, then password. The school code is srrc. 

It should login to your child’s account and should look like this. 

It will say your child’s name and that you have some stuff. Click the stuff tab.

All the books will be loaded up ready to read. We have already looked at some books in class this week, so don’t be surprised if 1 or 2 say open. 

Select the book you want to read. It will open up. It might look like this while it’s loading. 

After it’s loaded it will show you the front cover with a parent guide.  

The green bug face is a comprehension question to answer. Click on a bug when you see it and answer a question. You can collect bug points to buy things in the shop. Each book can earn a certain amount of points.

Click my rewards to see where you can go and what you can collect.

Let the children read it on their own , with you and by letting the book read it to them. 

Any issues or questions please let me know.

Happy reading.πŸ“–

Miss Irwin

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