A mega Tuesday

Its fair to say that today our brains have been electric. With fantastic phonics, when we learnt our new sound ‘g’. We practised writing it and putting it into words with other letter sounds we knew. We should now be able to read words with s,a,t,p,I,n,m,d and g. We can do it in class, maybe you could help us at home?   
Rhyme or slime? This week we’ve been learning about the rhyming words in shark in the park. We know words rhyme if the end of the word sounds the same. 

We played a game called rhyme or slime, we got yo try and match rhyming word pairs in the slime. Messy!


In the afternoon we created our own Marble run challenge.    

Learning to work as a team. Finding the problems like runaway marbles!

Then trialing ways to solve the problems. Like building barriers with bricks and moving things.
We started to make our 3D Sharks out of recycled material with a Ruby’s mummy’s help.

  We knew what shapes we needed. Some of us even decided to make certain types of sharks, such as hammerhead Sharks.  

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