Letter formation and crocodiles

On Wednesday we started our learning by finding the letter P in our classroom. We looked on labels, posters and found things that started with ‘ p’.  
 P for park. P for pear.    
P for playdoh. P for paper.

 Then we practised our letter P formation.    

 Miss Irwin was so impressed with us she put all our work on the writing wall to show visitors how great our writing is.
After playtime we had P.E when we had to pretend to be crocodiles. We had to avoid the crocodiles (hoops) by moving around them. Then we practised balancing beanbags on different parts of our bodies whilst moving around them.    

 Then in partners we pretended to be the crocodiles and crocodile feeders by practising throwing beanbags into the crocodiles hoops to feed them. 
   We loved being hungry crocodiles. 

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