Outside phonics and Beebots      

On Thursday we went outside to phonics. We practised our s and a sound (phoneme) . We used water bottles, paint brushes, chalks and had letter hunts.


 It wa very exciting!

We remembered the letter formations. Can you tell?    

After playtime we learnt what’s Beebot is.  

  It’s a robot. We learnt robots are like us because we are human beings. We can use our own brains, Robots can not use their own brains unless we put orders into its brain to work. The buttons on the top of the Beebot tell it which way to go. We learnt how to make it move and how to clear its brain to give it new instructions. Then we got to have a go with our friends.

In the afternoon we met Mrs Oakes our French teacher. She said hello to us in French and we practised it with her. Then she did choosing with us to get to know all about us.

While we were choosing we also got to start making our shark hats with Mrs Hamilton. 


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