First P.E lesson

On Monday we had our first P.E lesson. It took us a while to get changed. We learnt to put our clothes on our chairs and to keep them tidy, so hopefully they won’t get mixed up with our friends! We did get a bit muddled at first but obviously practise makes perfect! Now we’ve learnt the routine so hopefully on Wednesday we will be even quicker. 

First in our lesson we warmed up our muscles by playing ‘ Miss Irwin says’. We learnt that if our heart is beating faster, our breathing is faster and if we are feeling a bit warmer that we had done a good warm up. After the warm up we practised our listening skills, movement skills and remember skills by using a parachute. Our favourite game that we played was called Popcorn. The boys had blue balls and the girls had red balls and we had to pop them off the parachute. The team with all their balls of first wins. 

After the games we learnt how to make a secret den under the parachute so people couldn’t see us. We were so good at disguising ourselves we managed to jump out on Mrs Cameron from the office. πŸ˜„

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