A new Class Jonah

Today was our first morning at school. We were all very brave coming in and settled down well. Miss Irwin was extremely impressed. 

This morning we learnt about our feelings pegs. We all have a peg with our name on it. In the morning we put our peg on one of the Mr Men to show everyone how we are feeling. We can choose from Mr Grumpy, Mr Nervous, Mr Happy and Little Miss Helpful. Today we put our pegs on and nobody was on Mr Grumpy so that was a great start! 

Also this morning we set out our learning environment by choosing our toys and resources and what we wanted to try out. We all tried everything. 😀

We sang happy birthday to Sidney for yesterday, as he had just turned 5. He told everybody about his new bike and then he got to put up birthday banners all over the classroom. 

During choosing some of us made Miss Irwin blueberry cakes, painted pictures, used the diggers, played on the whiteboard and made bracelets. 

Tayler recorded our choosing by taking photos on the iPad. What do you think? 

We met Mrs Armitt. She helped us make our role play house and start drawing out portraits for the whole  school display. She will be teaching us on Wendesdays when Miss Irwin is in the office doing paperwork.

We showed Miss Irwin how we could write our names by writing our names for our pegs. Tomorrow when we come in we will need to find our peg to put our coats on.


Everybody seemed really happy when we went home because we’d all got to go in Miss Irwin’s prize box. This was because we’d earnt 5 stickers during our morning. Miss Irwin told us we can get stickers for good things like being kind and helpful, tidying up, good sitting and listening, for trying hard when doing work and for remembering not to shout out! We must all be amazing to all get in the prize box, what a brilliant new class we are!

Let’s hope tomorrow is even more fun than today! 

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