Summer Concert-Treasure Island costume information

Dear Parent and carers,

As you may be aware our summer concert is being rehearsed and planned in school at the moment. The concert is called ‘Treasure Island’ and is based (loosely) on the famous book of the same name. Class Jonah have been chosen to be GREEN pirates and will be performing the song ‘The day I went to sea’ during the concert itself. Your child’s costume should therefore be a relatively easy task to assemble.

All they will need is a pirate costume (the ac curacy is left to your discretion) of which one particular item is the same colour as their tittle (scarf, t-shirt, hat etc) but I would ask that there are no (at least noticeable) logos on the item itself in order to preserve some authenticity. Thus a Manchester United shirt, whilst red, is a little too contemporary.

Thanks for your help and if you have any questions, please ask your class teacher or myself.


Mr Robinson

NB- Please also be aware children need to be at the barn for 6.15pm for the evening performances. Children will be left with their class teachers and must be collected afterwards from a member of staff. The Production is expected to last between 45mins and an hour.

One response to “Summer Concert-Treasure Island costume information

  1. Regards to summer concert . What’s the date and where eg. where’s the barn we think it could be at the farm..???Thanks DonaldRobertson


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