French cafe and building walls

This morning in phonics we worked on our blends at the beginning of words. Such as St, ch, th , the, star, bl, br, tr and had a go at writing words and spelling them with blends in. 

If we say the words slowly and think about what our mouth is doing it helps us to write down all the letters in the blend. 

Maybe we could try sounding out and writing some of these words at home! 

Tree, three, blend, spend, trip, skip, creep, sleep. 

We did also do some secret stuff which we can’t tell you about. But during secret work time some of us did find time to build some walls.
After lunch we had French with Mrs Oakes and she opened up her cafe again. This week she was selling ‘pain au chocolate’ . We had to colour in and cut our euros to go and buy the food in the shop. We used hello, thank you, please and many more French words we’ve remembered from over the last year. 
After playtime we did some year 1 writing in year 1 books for Mrs Hodder, she’s going to be so impressed! 😀 but don’t tell her it’s a surprise! 

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