Two weeks old today!

Hi Class Jonah,

I hope your all enjoying your second week of half term. It was two weeks today that we started watching the ducklings hatch out of their shells.Its gone very quick and they no longer fit in one hand, it takes two hands to hold them.

They have grown taller and wider. They are brave and bold and love to go outside in the garden to eat insects and have a swim. 


They have even started to check on me when I clean their cage out. They like to make sure I’m doing a good job. Today I caught them on camera spying on me. You can see how their beaks are changing colour and their wings have grown. They are getting grown up tail feathers starting to come through now and the tufts on the back of Dulcey, Tink and Buddy’s heads are really sticking up now. George is massive and very brave and he tends to lead the pack most of the time. Somebody has started to quack like a grown up duck but I haven’t quite figured out who it is yet!

It was a bit too windy and cold this afternoon so they only went out for a few minutes then decided to come back in.

They decided  to try and eat my flowers instead, now they are tall enough!

Now though they are asleep.

3 responses to “Two weeks old today!

  1. We have been watching the ducks hatch,play ,swim and dart in and out of your lounge it was brilliant fun Jack really loved it xx he thinks it must be fun to have ducklings at home in your bath!


  2. Thanks so much for all the updates on the ducklings Reuben thinks they are very cute and I think he would like these as pets in his bedroom!!!


  3. oh my gosh the video of them running in and out of the room is soon funny!! I also love how they all sleep in a huge clump!! Judah loved it when they pecked at the screen!!!


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