Ducklings: Making a new house

Hello Class Jonah,

I hope your all still enjoying your half term. Its been a very busy weekend for the ducklings as they now wake up every morning and want to go outside and explore. They are getting so big it’s not fair to keep them in the cage for a long time in the day because they need to learn to look for food and practice swimming and cleaning themselves.

On Saturday the ducklings spent most of the day in the garden. They have become very independent and love to go off and forage for bugs to eat.

While the ducklings were busy in the garden myself and Bradley made them a house. The house isn’t for them just yet but it’s good for them to get used to seeing it, eventually they will be sleeping in it. Bradley thought it was for him though and spent most of the weekend sat in it!

On Saturday afternoon Mrs Arkle came round to see the ducklings. She couldn’t believe how much they had grown. She saw them paddling and she got to see the first time the ducklings started to swim under water. The rain water had filled up their pool and it was the deepest water they had every been in and they got very excited.

After a very busy day they had a little sleep outside.  

They then had one last look around before bed time. The ducklings will get used to the house over the next few weeks.

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