Ducklings: week 2

Hello Class Jonah, I hope your all having a happy half term. It’s Miss Irwin here. I thought I’d give you an update on how the ducklings have been growing since you last saw them.

During Bank Holiday weekend they had a few swims in their green pool.

But as you can see they are starting to splash more!

So After a few days of very wet floors in the house, I decided to give them a chance to have a bigger swim.So they went in the bath!

They loved it! 🙂

Over the last few days they have started to eat and drink much more. In the morning when I wake up they cheap at me until I give them new food and water. They have new water and food every few hours. This means they are growing bigger and also doing a lot more poos and wee’s. Ewwwww!

On Tuesday I went to collect the big blue shells from school and put them in the garden so the ducklings could learn to go for a swim outside.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At first they weren’t sure of the bright sunshine but they soon got used to swimming in the big blue pool. I made them a ramp to walk and down out of the pool. Their feet slipped on the wood so I wrapped it in bubble wrap and the ducklings loved that. They liked to peck it. They had to be encouraged to walk up the ramp, so I put food on the bubble wrap which trapped the food and made the ducklings walk up it.

Eventually George (who is now the tallest duckling) was brave and walked up to the top and down the other side of the ramp. After a while they all had a go. When they got on to the path in the garden they started to hunt around for food.

After a wander round they played hide and seek in my plants. Can you spot them?


After all the excitement they had a lie down and sunbathing session.

IMG_4655 IMG_4656 IMG_4669 IMG_4682

Hopefully tomorrow we will see if they have remembered how to get up and down the ramp.

2 responses to “Ducklings: week 2

  1. Judah watched this first thing this morning. He loved it! He also loved seeing bits of your house! He said “I hope the ducklings are safe” and I said “I’m sure Miss Irwin is taking care of them”


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