“Aw they are so cute. Are we their mummies?”

 It’s official we have all fallen in love with our ducklings. ❤️ This morning we moved our then 6 ducklings, into their new home for the next few weeks. We put in a comfy bed, food, water and a warm lamp to keep them cosy. We watched them as they got excited and explored their new environment. 



We had a serious chat about who would be their mummy. We all agreed Miss Irwin was the number one mummy but after that we would be all be in charge of taking care of them. Some of us wanted to be daddies as we are boys! 

When we weren’t watching the ducklings we did do some work!

We went outside for a word search Miss Irwin and Mrs Hamilton had made for us. We had to find as any of the 100 high frequency words as possible. We had to tick them off on our sheets.    

            They were all over the place. It was great fun!  
In the afternoon we had French with Mrs Oakes who said were were amazing and had tebeted everything we’d learnt so far. 

Then we looked at out beanstalks, some of them were massive! 

After our beanstalks we were allowed to have a little hold of the ducklings. They were now 1 day old. 

After school Miss a irwin helped another 2 ducklings hatch out. Now we have 8! 

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