Year 1 Maths brains

This last week we have continued to try and use our Year 1 brains by solving addition numbers sentences on our own. We switched our Year 1 brains on last week and Miss Irwin thinks we may have forgotten to turn them off! 

   We’ve been practising our number formation because Miss Irwin told us Mrs Hodder really likes numbers that are written neatly and the correct way. 


Then we’ve practised counting amounts and solving number sentences.       We even tried writing our own!

We have been on teen number hunts to try and remember those tricky ones we forget or say wrong.    

    We’ve even shocked all the teachers- Miss Irwin, Mrs Arkle and Mrs Hamilton with reading big numbers to 100.

We learnt that in double digit numbers, the first number is the ten number and the second number is called a unit (that’s the little number). Try and write us any number to 99 and we can have a go at telling you what it is! You will be amazed!  

        We’ve even all practised working at the same time doing work, just like year 1’s do.    

 We played some maths games with dice. We had a sheet where all the numbers had fallen off, so we had to write them in. We roll the dice and write the number in the box in the number sentence, then roll again and write it in. Then solve the number sentence. It’s great fun! We used Miss Irwin’s special magic stones to find the answers. We could do this at home. 

Next week we are going to see if we can remember how to do subtraction number sentences, we might even try Year 1 number sentences! 

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