May Day Grand Raffle Stall and little maids hair.

Dear Parents,

At May Day each class has a stall. This year as you will have read Class Jonah has the Grand Raffle stall. This was chosen for us as it makes the most money and we want to try and make more money than last year, so we can get more money donated to school for much needed resources. I have been reliably informed this is one of the busiest stalls and we will need all the help we can get.

I can not express how important it is to have as much help as possible at May day, I know this year helpers are few and far between and that May Day cold be in jeopardy in the future if we do not have enough support form school parents. As many of you are new parents I beg you to consider the value of your support and taking part in carrying on the wonderful community tradition that is May Day.

Last year I drew up a Rota of half hour and intervals for all parents to sign up for. We ask that everybody try to help for a minimum slot time but more if they can, so that we can try to sell as many tickets as possible.Its a great experience for the children to be part of the stall too and last year we had our brave children rolling up customers to come to the stall. I hope we can have the same again this year, I can think of a few who would relish their moment of glory on Miss Irwin’s Megaphone.

Miss Irwin will be on the stall after the dancing and children have been returned to you but she will need some parents to help man the stall before and during the dancing.

A rota has been created and will be put up in the outside noticeboard with a pen for anybody to sign up. It doesn’t just have to be parents it can be any family member or friend of the school.

Please sign up over the next weeks to show your support for May Day.

Little Maids Hair

Lily Lou is the May Queen this year and she has bought some matching ribbons and head bands for the little maids to wear to match her Lemon coloured dress. Lily Lou has asked that all the girls have their hair in plats (French or normal) for the photo on Wednesday 6th at 1pm and for May Day.

As much as Miss Irwin, Mrs Arkle and Mrs Hamilton are pro platters we would appreciate the help of any of the parents in getting the girls ready for their photo shoot on Wednesday. Girls can come to school with their hair platted already, please make sure bobbles are secure and hair spray has been applied to keep its form.

The girls will be getting ready from 12.30, so if you are free to come and help them get ready, please let Miss Irwin know.

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