World Book Day 2015

We all came dressed as our favourite book character. Can yiu guess who we are? 

To start our world book day we invited patents to stay and read with us. We showed them how we can read by using our reading fingers to follow words, by talking about the pictures and discussing the story.

We all got given a special sound card to help us with our reading and writing at home. It’s important that we share good reading skills so that you can help us at home. Miss Irwin had also made a special reading guide to help parents at home. These are all in our bags. Miss Irwin has asked that we please use these at home. 

After our stay and read session we went to see all the other children in the hall. 

For the rest of the morning we did all sorts of reading activities. We looked at our favourite books we brought in. We read magic words and made words disappear. We had some special helpers from Mr Wood’s class to help our brains with word matching, reading and making lego words.

After play we went on a musical bear hunt. We took instruments with us to make the swishy swishy, splash splosh and stumble trip noises. It was brilliant. 

You can watch it here with the actual write Michael Rosen reading it. We’re going on a bear hunt

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