We are learning about take aways

This week in Maths we have been learning about how to take away things so we have less. We have learnt that our answer to our problems has to be smaller than the big number. This has been tricky but Miss Irwin says if we try really hard to get our target this week we get to go in the prize box, so we have been trying extra hard.

After play time on Wednesday we came back into the classroom and their were PANTS everywhere! Miss Irwin didn’t know how they got there! We obviously had to put them on our heads?!

We read ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ written by Clare Freedman and found out that Aliens like to play with our clean underpants!

aliens love underpants

How strange! Then we realised the Alien must have put the pants out in our classroom! We think we might need to keep an extra eye on this sneaky Alien.



We used our new pants to make a washing line and practised taking pants away and counting how many were left. Then Miss Irwin modelled writing the take away to see what this would look like in a take away number sentence.

We have been trying very hard to think about how things get taken away by doing number work sheets, maths problems and writing number sentences with adults. Hopefully by Friday we will know that take away means things the amount gets less. Then next week we can work on writing take away number sentences with 1 less, then maybe even 2 and 3 less.

Fingers crossed.

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