The Sun and the Earth

The last 2 days we have been fascinated by the things we have been learning about the Sun and the Earth.

We have been watching some very cool videos

We wanted to share them with you so we can watch them with you at home.

These two show what happens to the Sun when it gets really hot.

This is a video that is taken from a Space craft that’s filmed Earth. We love how you can see what Earth looks,  we know we can not see what Earth looks like because we are on it!

We talked about the Sun and how it is a hot ball of burning gas. We still have some questions like

– How does it stay up in Space?

-Why is it so hot?

– How close to the sun can we go before a rocket would burn?

All very valid questions which Miss Irwin would welcome help answering! 🙂

We also have looked at how the Earth moves around the sun and it takes a whole year to get around it. We learnt that when the sun shines on us it is daylight. We now know that the sun doesn’t go away at night but that Earth spins and at night we turn away from the sun. We have been playing with our own Sun and Earth and practising moving around it.

We have made our own Sun and Earth pictures with shaving foam and paint it was messy and great fun.


We’ve made alien slime.

We have even made our own muddy planet and hoped for it to freeze to see what would happen to it!


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