Please find the school newsletter 4th December 2014 for you to read. Inside the newsletter you will find Mr O’Leary’s guidance for making your own Christingle. For homework this week we are asking all children to make their own Christingle to bring to church next week on Thursday 19th December for the Christingle service. All parents and family members are welcome to this service.

chriatmas tree

Other notes for our diaries

Nativity- Tuesday 9th 2,15 in church, Wednesday 10th 5,30 in church. (Children need to be in church at 5.15 on Wednesday to start the performance at 5.30. Seats are reserved for parents in Class Jonah.)

Christmas Lunch– Thursday Lunch time. Please make sure you have sent back you selection choice for Alison so she knows what to cook for us.

Junk modelling day-Wednesday 17th. We are going to make our own junk model father Christmas. Please save up recycling and any possible bits and bobs you think we might want to make our Santa and bring into school next week ready for Wednesdays day of model making.

Christmas Parties-Thursday 18th afternoon. We are allowed to come wearing our Christmas Clothes this day.

Christmas carols around the tree- Friday 19th December 2.15 we will all be singing our carols around the tree while Mr O’Leary reads the Christmas story. All parents are welcome, We are allowed to go home after the Christmas story if our adults are in school.

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