Junk modelling day- Wednesday 17th December

As our term is coming to an end. Its time for a junk modelling day. Next Wednesday 17th December we are going to be making our own junk model Santa Claus.SantaClausVectorClipart

We have lots of junk in our classroom but we haven’t had much chance to show off our creative and building skills yet. We will be designing our own Santa and what we want him to look like before Wednesday. Then on Wednesday we are going to spend the day creating our own Santa out of recycled junk. We need to save things like boxes, cotton wool, material and little bits that we think we might need to make our own Santa. We should collect them into a bag, with our name on ready to bring in next Wednesday.

We would however like some extra adult help that day so we are inviting all our adults friends-mummies, daddies, aunties, uncles, grandma, grandads etc to come in and help us (even if its for an hour). They have to be able to assist us with our construction (not do it for us) . So we can by the end of the day have  a made and decorated Santa Claus. If you would like to help please tell Miss Irwin.


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