Learning to drive with Nick the driving instructor and making frozen ice.

On Tuesday we had the chance to learn about cars, how they work, who helps us to learn to drive and how to be careful drivers. This was because Nick the driving instructor had come to see us.

He told us all about the skills we needed to be a good driver-like being a good listener and making sure we can read. Nick explained you needed to do these well to drive a car. He showed us his car, we compared it to Miss Irwin’s and noticed he had pedals on both sides! Nick explained he had pedals to help the learner and just encase the car needed to stop.

We really liked Nick and now we all want to drive. We’ve been practising during our choosing time, some of us have even become driving instructors. Luckily though the learners have had a close eye kept on them because we have had the police on patrol giving out speeding tickets and cautions!

In the afternoon we made some Frozen inspired Ice and it wasn’t made from ice out of the freezer like some of us thought! We used water, glitter, colouring and objects to create our own frozen blocks. Then we snuck into the kitchen and hid them in Alison’s freezer! shhhhhh


Then all we had to do was wait.

One response to “Learning to drive with Nick the driving instructor and making frozen ice.

  1. awwww love it! Judah had a great day celebrating Thanksgiving!!!! He started the day by doing some Happy Thanksgiving colouring sheets, and writing down what he was thankful for. Then we took a big walk up to the top of Congleton cloud where he had to navigate through the misty clouds and take care not to slip and fall! In the afternoon he snuggled up with daddy and Iona and watched the Lego Movie which just arrived for his birthday from Granny in America, then in the evening we had several friends around for a huge feast!!! Loads of Turkey, special vegetables, etc. However Judah only ate a few crackers, a bread roll, and then two pieces of pumpkin pie with cream!
    We’ll be back in tomorrow……


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