Secret message from Miss

Dear Parents,

This is a secret message from Miss Irwin, not to be passed on to the children.

As you know we have Paddington Bear in our class who comes home to people’s houses at the weekends. Due to our love of Paddington Bear I have decided I am going to organise a trip to the cinema soon to watch the new Paddington Bear film.

I  was wondering if any mummies, daddies or grandparents would like to come with us?

At the moment no times have been set at cinemas but as soon as they are I will be booking a film showing at either Newcastle, Hanley or Crewe cinema. If you would like to come with us to watch the film, please can you post a comment on this blog or come and speak to me in school.

Transport prices and dates will not be able to be fixed until a date has been realised. But I will keep you posted.

Please keep this trip a secret.

Many thanks

Miss Irwin

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